CSGO SSG Skins in 2021 – List of The Best Skins

Mar 29 • 4 min read

Despite not being as powerful as the AWP, the SSG 08, commonly known as the Scout, is a highly effective weapon when it’s in the hands of someone that knows how to operate it, despite many people calling it the worst gun in the entire game. The SSG 08 gives you very high mobility, and its main strength is the very accurate jump shots that you can pull off with it in CS:GO.

If you can master the jump shots, you might even find out that the SSG 08 will become one of your favorite weapons in the game of CS:GO. And, if that’s the case, you might probably want to make it look as nice as possible. So, in this article, we will be sharing some of the best CS:GO SSG skins you can find and use.

SSG 08 Dragonfire ($10 – $20)

If you want to rock your SSG 08 with a whole lot of fire and style, there is no better skin that you can have than the Dragonfire SSG 08. It features a dragon breathing fire and comes in different shades of grey, blue, and orange. This is one of the SSG 08 skins that can be found in the Glove Case, or bought from the Steam Market for around $20 brand new. If you don’t mind the skin being a little more “dusty”, you can also pick up a minimal wear or well-worn Dragonfire SSG 08 for around half of the full price. Even then, it's still among the best SSG 08 skins in CSGO.

SSG 08 Big Iron ($2 – $7)

The SSG 08 Big Iron is another awesome and unique skin for the SSG 08 scout weapon because it gives it a strong and “dangerous” look that will appear and feel great when playing CSGO. It looks futuristic, with yellow metal plates on the main part of the gun, while other parts are painted black and orange. It's another one of the top SSG 08 skins that are available in all conditions. It is also very cheap, going for around $5 brand new, and just a couple of bucks if you’re buying an old one. So, if you are a big fan of the SSG 08, you should definitely pick up the SSG 08 Big Iron for its looks and very low price.

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SSG 08 Blood in the Water ($50 – $350)

The SSG 08 Blood in the Water is a little more on the expensive side of this in CS:GO, but if you want to be a total badass, there aren’t many SSG 08 skins that are better for that than this one. It has a minimalistic design, containing a graphic of a scary shark that’s about to eat its prey. Just what you are about to do to your opponents in CS:GO. It is available in all conditions except for Well-Worn and Battle-Scarred. Nothing good in life is free, though, so if you want to have this skin you will have to set aside at least $50 for it, while the most exclusive StatTrak Factory New edition of this SSG 08 skin costs a cool $350.

SSG 08 Ghost Crusader ($1 – $17)

The SSG 08 Ghost Crusader is a unique and futuristic Restricted sniper rifle skin released as part of the CSGO Chrome 3 collection in 2016. Ever since then, this skin has been in strong demand. The main part of the SSG 08 is painted blue, surrounded by various shades of blue in other parts. This skin is available in all conditions and levels of wear, with the higher levels featuring a significant amount of patina on the gun that makes it seem a lot darker. The factory new editions start at about $5, while the field-tested ones range from less than $1 to $3.

SG 08 Necropos ($1 – $8)

Necropos is among the top CSGO SSG 08 skins you can find for this weapon. It was a part of Operation Wildfire in 2016, and it still holds up to this day as one of the most popular skins for this particular weapon. It features the words “hunt them down” on top of the buttstock, while the middle parts are filled with green pictograms. The Necropos Mil-Spec sniper rifle skin is available in all conditions, and you can pick up a well-worn one for less than a dollar. We must admit, however, that the clean, factory-new editions look a lot better with this.

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SSG 08 Slashed ($1)

Slashed is a classic CS:GO skin, which is a big reason for its popularity. The design is very simple and will look familiar to most fans of the FPS genre. The body of the weapon is painted black and is filled with orange stripes in different sizes. Some parts of the weapon like the barrel and stock are not painted with these stripes. The Slashed skin isn’t available in the Factory-New and Minimal Wear conditions. You can pick it up in all other conditions, including the StatTrak editions for less than a dollar. With higher levels of tear, more than half of the paint layer on the weapon will be peeled off.

SSG 08 Red Stone ($1)

Red Stone is a minimalistic Consumer Grade skin that looks really well on the SSG 08 scout. It is a more recent model released in late 2019, for the start of Operation Shattered Web. This skin paints the body of the SSG entirely in maroon, while the handle, scope, and parts of the buttstock are painted in olive color. You can pick this one up in all conditions, while abrasions are already present even in the Factory-New condition. All versions of the skin cost about the same (less than a dollar) but we would suggest that you get away from the Battle-Scarred condition skins because it looks pretty rough on the SSG 08.

SSG 08 Abyss ($1 – $10)

Created in 2014, the MIl-Spec Abyss is pretty old, but it still holds up incredibly well and is among the most popular SSG skins in CSGO. It has a classic and simplistic appearance that is certainly appreciated in a world where camos are getting more and more crazy and unconventional. One other reason this scout skin is very popular is the very low cost, with the most expensive edition being the StatTrak Factory New one which costs 10$, while you can get the Battle-Scarred option for less than a dollar.