CSGO Prisma Case & Prisma Case Skins in 2021

Jun 19 • 4 min read

CS:GO offers many unique and exciting features and updates that make the game more and more fun to play. Each new major update is bound to have a collection of new skins that have the potential to make you some extra cash and make playing the game more thrilling. Valve releases new skin cases from time to time, usually alongside major updates and events.

This blog post will focus on which items are included in the Prisma Case. Prisma Case was introduced to CSGO's community in 2019, March 13. It contains 17 unique skins for various weapons in the game. It requires a special Prisma Case Key to open. So, without further ado, let's open up the CS:GO Prisma and see what goodies await inside. We will examine most of the skins thoroughly and look at their price tags as well.

Top skins from Prisma Case

M4A4 | The Emperor

The first up in the Prisma collection is the M4A4 Emperor skin. It gets its name as the skin's design was heavily inspired by the Emperor tarot card. It is present in all wear levels, including StatTrak, and is priced anywhere between $14 and $600. The M4A4 Emperor is the most expensive item in the Prisma Case.

Five SeveN | Angry Mob

The Five SeveN – Angry Mob is a highly unique skin from the Prisma Case. It has gorgeous bright colors that provide a cartoonish feel. The Angry Mob is worth from $3 to $40, depending on the wear level. One of the downsides of this Five SeveN skin is that it wears terribly, as the bright colors aren't as visible in Battle-Scarred condition.

AUG | Momentum

The AUG Momentum has an attractive set of colors that match quite nicely. Its lowest price is quite cheap, standing at merely $1.90. Even in StatTrak Factory New condition, the AUG Momentum is worth just under $100. This is definitely not an expensive one, as you can see for yourself from the listings on the Steam website. Thankfully, you can get this gorgeous skin at a relatively low price.

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XM1014 | Incinegator

The name of the XM1014 Incinegator is maybe the most notable thing about it, even though the design of the skin itself is stunning as well. It gets its name from the gator that spits fire. Combine the words “Incinerator” and “Aligator” and you get a unique name that makes this skin stand out more. Its price range includes anything from $1.90 to $36.

R8 Revolver | Skull Crusher

The Skull Crusher is another one of those skins that are pretty hard to miss. It definitely makes the R8 Revolver even cooler by adding a unique pattern feature orange and black colors. The downside of this skin is that it's not available in Factory New or Minimal Wear levels. It's still one of the best items from the collection, as it's an R8 Revolver skin that's not more expensive than $5.

AWP | Atheris

The AWP Atheris is a stunning skin, featuring a bright green snake all across the AWP body. It's available in all wear conditions and is worth anywhere between $2 and $40. Even the scope is affected with bright green rings at both ends. It's one of the best ones from the CSGO Prisma Case that the Valve community had to offer.

Desert Eagle | Light Rail

Many players like simplicity over anything else when it comes to skins. The Desert Eagle Light Rail is exactly that, offering a gentle but powerful design pattern. The skin can cost as much as $18 and is pretty visible during a game match. The design creates sort of an optical illusion, making the Desert Eagle more unique.

UMP-45 | Moonrise

The UMP-45 Moonrise has one of the most gorgeous finishes from the Prisma Case. It's an image of a random city with a full moon and a purple skyline. If that won't attract attention then we don't know what will. This one is one of the most inexpensive CS:GO skins out there, with the maximum price it can reach being a bit less than $4. This includes the StatTrak versions as well.

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Tec-9 | Bamboozle

The following CS:GO skins are extremely cheap. This one features a custom bamboo green paint job and is barely worth a few dollars. The non StatTrak models have a hard time reaching more than $1, while the StatTrak ones can cost up to $4. It's still a gorgeous design and way better than the standard weapon.

MP5-SD | Gauss

The appearance of the MP5-SD gives a feeling that it was assembled from several pieces of stamped steel. It has a nice contrast of colors, blending in together to give the weapon a new and improved appeal. It is available in all wear conditions and it ranges from $0.30 up to $4.

AK-47 | Uncharted

Finally, a stunning yet cheap design for the AK-47. This Prisma Case collection offers many unique skins. This one gives the AK-47 a unique appearance thanks to the tribal patterns design going across the entire wooden parts of the weapon. It's available in all wear levels and is worth $8 max, making the AK-47 weapon look even bet.

Famas | Crypsis

The Famas Crypsis brings autumn to CS:GO. This is one of the most unique patterns, featuring autumn branches and leaves. It can reach prices up to no more than $2. That's quite surprising for such a stunning design pattern. Thankfully, the CS:GO community adores this part of the Prisma Case as well.

There are 4 more skins in the Prisma Case and a collection of knives as well. They are some of the cheapest ones and not as visible during a match. Feel free to check those out as well from the Prisma Case itself on the Steam website listings.

How Much Does a Prisma Case Cost?

The Prisma Case in CS:GO is full of mainly community creations. The Prisma Case itself doesn't cost much, usually around $0.05. That's basically nothing. However, the Prisma Case Key is what takes a bit more of your money. But, it too isn't extremely expensive. The Prisma Case Key often costs around $7.