CSGO Bowie Knife – What You Need to Know in 2021

Mar 27 • 4 min read

The CS:GO Bowie Knife is a dangerous weapon that features a full-tang sawback, and its official description notes that it is designed for heavy use in brutal situations. The Bowie Knife by itself is definitely a cool weapon but paired with an even cooler skin, it gets much more unique and worth playing with. In this blog post, we will cover some of the most popular and best Bowie Knife skins currently available on the market.

Top Bowie Knife Skins

How do we decide which are the top and coolest Bowie Knife skins added and currently available for the game? Well, this is a combination of popularity, price, rarity, wear level, design, and appeal. We aren't the only ones who feel that these are the coolest out there, so get ready to witness some awesome-looking Bowie Knife skins.

Bowie Knife | Marble Fade (Minimal Wear)

The first name on our list is the popular Marble Fade. If you are looking for a colorful knife that is both attractive and sells great, then the Minimal Wear Bowie Knife Marble Fade may be your best choice. This knife is only available in Minimal Wear and Factory New wear levels. The basic models are worth between $290 for Factory New and $350 for Minimal Wear. The StatTrak ones are between $350 and $650. The Minimal Wear StatTrak ones are usually more expensive.

Bowie Knife | Doppler (Minimal Wear)

The Doppler Bowie Knife skin is somewhat similar to the Marble Fade. It has an ultraviolet and blue feel to it and features a few dark colors that mix quite nicely. The Doppler is a Covert skin that is also available in only Factory New and Minimal Wear, the Minimal Wear condition usually being more expensive. The price range of the Doppler Bowie Knife includes anything from $250 to $400, including StatTrak.

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Bowie Knife | Ultraviolet (Factory New)

The Bowie Knife Ultraviolet is a Covert knife skin that is available in all wear levels and features a float range of 0.06 to 0.80. The least you will see it cost is around $100 and the max includes close to $250, StatTrak included. It is available in anything from Battle-Scarred to Field-Tested to Minimal Wear and Factory New.

Bowie Knife | Tiger Tooth (Minimal Wear)

If you want a unique Bowie Knife that definitely stands out, the Tiger Tooth may be one you will like very much. Unfortunately, this is one of those knives that isn't available in conditions Field-Tested and below. The basic and StatTrak versions of this one are available in prices between $230 and $460. The Minimal Wear models usually cost more in most cases.

Bowie Knife | Crimson Web (Factory New)

The Bowie Knife Crimson Web CS:GO skin was added back in 2016 and it may very well be the most expensive Bowie Knife skin currently available on any website. The Covert Crimson Web skins usually come at a high price, which makes them very valuable items. This one can be found on Steam for as high as $7000. That includes the StatTrak Factory New case. The lowest price this Bowie Knife skin often sees is around $160.

Bowie Knife | Stained (Factory New)

This Covert Bowie Knife pattern is another unique item that you will love using on snowy maps inside the game. It is available in all wear levels and it has a full float range, between 0 and 1. The Bowie Knife Stained has a lowest price of around $110 Battle-Scarred and a highest price of around $500 StatTrak Factory New. It's not close to being worth thousands of dollars but it is still great for trading and earning some extra cash.

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Where Can I Get Bowie Knife Skins?

Like many other CS:GO skins for other items like shotguns, pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, SMGs rifles, and similar, the same markets can be used for knives as well. This usually includes the Steam market, other selling and buying websites, drops from the game, opening cases, earning websites, and a few more methods.

According to Valve, you have a small chance of 0.03% of scoring a great Bowie Knife from opening many of their available cases, so you may need to accept the fact that opening cases may not bring your desired results. If you want to have the most control of which knife you're going to get, then you should consider the option to buy them from the marketplace. You can often expect sales and various prices from different sellers.

How to Sell Bowie Knife Skins?

If the time comes when you want to part with your Bowie Knives, then selling them is a great way to get some extra cash. You will have to match the price of other sellers if you want to have better luck finding someone to buy from you. Here is what you need to know.

Steam Marketplace

The Steam market is one of the easiest ways to find excellent StatTrak items, Covert skins, anything from Battle-Scarred, Well-Worn, Factory New and in between, various prices, and much more. However, every bit of cash you earn is stuck on the platform and you're only able to spend it there. If you don't need the cash for survival, then, by all means, sell away.

External Marketplace

Another method you can use to sell your skin items is on external marketplaces. They are the same as Steam's market but this way you can actually withdraw your cash. This method is close to perfect and you can use the money for anything you wish. A name or two that come to mind for selling your items on these platforms include SkinCashier, SkinWallet, and more.