Everything about CSGO Gloves

Mar 14 • 6 min read

Back in August 2012, when CSGO was released, there weren't even half as many cool features as there are today. Sure, many exciting benefits from the game don't really change how you play in each battle, but they sure can make you look awesome and stand out from the crowd. Gloves are one of those features that definitely make you a more unique player.

The first time gloves were introduced to CS:GO was in 2016. Valve released a new update containing a glove chest, which initially had 24 gloves to choose from. Ever since then, the arsenal of gloves to choose from has grown a lot, and you have plenty of these cool-looking skins to take advantage of. In this blog, we will cover the top 5 gloves in CSGO, the groups they can be found in, a few of the best choices from each group, glove quality, and more.

Top 5 CS:GO Gloves of All Time

Before talking about each of the different styles and price ranges of the gloves, we need to establish what we believe to be the 5 best CSGO gloves you'll be able to buy on Steam, or anywhere else. Keep in mind, these don't have to be the most expensive or rarest ones. We're simply showing which glove skins look the coolest and will score you the most babes. Here they are, our top picks:

1: King Snake Gloves (Driver Gloves)

Crafted with white leather and strong snakeskin, the King Snake gloves look stunningly, especially on desert maps like Dust II. The battle-scarred version of these glaves can cost you somewhere around $300, while the field-tested ones are near $500 or more.

2: Cobalt Skulls (Hand Wraps)

If you want all-blue gloves that will surely make you stand out, then the Cobalt Skulls glove skin is something you can't miss out on. If you want to look even cooler when punching your opponent's head, then these are the gloves for you.

3: Crimson Weave (Driver Gloves)

This is another pair of cool driver gloves that look awesome at first glance. They contain scarlet leather, making them appear even more exquisite. The battle-scarred version can come even as low as $200. However, if you're looking for minimal wear quality, then be prepared to pay $1000+.

4: Vice (Sport Gloves)

When it comes to sport gloves, Vice is a skin that many desire to have in their arsenal. They're crafted from synthetic fabrics and are designed to attract a lot of attention. The battle-scarred models can go as high as $900, while the higher-quality ones such as the field-tested versions are way above the 1000s.

5: Fade (Specialist Gloves)

CSGO's community of players certainly enjoys playing with specialist gloves. Fade includes a must-have choice for many. Their design gives them a metallic feel and they appear to be quite durable. These are definitely some of the coolest gloves a CSGO player can have.

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Types of CSGO Gloves

We've seen some of the best choices you can found out there when it comes to CSGO gloves. However, you need to know that every single pair of gloves that exists for the game belongs to a certain group. There aren't many, but it's important to know where a pair of gloves belongs, as this affects their style, price, and much more.

Drive Gloves

Drive gloves are among the most popular and diverse ones. They come in a variety of colors, materials, and designs. The drive glove is perfect for use when it comes to protection from the elements. They look amazing, are extremely comfortable, and go amazing with many other skins for guns and knives. Here are five of the best drive gloves you can ever hope to have in your arsenal.

  • Overtake
  • Crimson Weave
  • King Snake
  • Imperial Plaid
  • Snow Leopard

Hand Wraps

Don't get fooled by these fingerless gloves, as they're made specifically to protect the knuckles and stabilize the wrist in hand-to-hand combat. Hand wraps are exactly what the name suggests, gloves that are made from various materials designed to look like these materials are simply wrapped around your wrist. Here are some of the best Hand Wraps:

  • Overprint
  • Cobalt Skulls
  • Slaughter
  • Giraffe

Bloodhound Gloves

After Operation Vanguard, Bloodhound was the sixth ever operation that Valve introduced to CS:GO. It adds a lot to the game, including a few very cool-looking gloves. There aren't many in this group of gloves, but the ones that are there look stunning. They're decorated with the Bloodhound gloves logo and have metal studs on them. The Bloodhound gloves group contains the following skins:

  • Snakebite
  • Bronzed
  • Guerrilla
  • Charred

Moto Gloves

You might not be able to drive motorcycles in CSGO, but you have to admit that these gloves look pretty slick. The Moto gloves are inspired by gloves for bikes. They can protect you from road rash and keep your hands and fingers safe from throwing punches all day. A few of the coolest ones include:

  • Turtle
  • Transport
  • POW!
  • Spearmint
  • Cool Mint

Sport Gloves

When you search for sport gloves, this group has the most options to choose from. Aside from having too many gloves, almost all of them are way too cool not to have. The sport gloves are some of the most eye-catching ones, as their design is nothing short of gorgeous.

  • Pandora's Box
  • Amphibious
  • Hedge Maze
  • Arid
  • Omega

Broken Fang Gloves

This group of CSGO gloves is also a small one, containing only four Broken Fang gloves. The gloves look very cool thanks to the metal studs and fingerless design. The list includes the following:

  • Jade
  • Needle Point
  • Yellow-Banded
  • Unhinged

Specialist Gloves

The Specialist Gloves definitely have some of the most unique looks in Counter Strike Global Offensive. According to Steam and from personal gaming experience from years of CSGO, they are perfect when it comes to breathable fabrics and stylish design. Here are some of the best Specialist Gloves:

  • Fade
  • Emerald Web
  • Mogul
  • Marble Fade
  • Tiger Strike

Hydra Gloves

Hydra Gloves can also be found in any quality between Battle-Scarred and Factory New. When it comes to price, they also vary a lot. There are only 4 Hydra Gloves right now in CSGO. The unique feature about them is that they all have a metal snake logo on top of the glove.

  • Case Hardened
  • Emerald
  • Mangrove
  • Rattler
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How Much are CSGO Gloves Worth?

Everyone who loves to wear cool gloves in CSGO knows that one glove isn't as visible as the next. Some of them have added features that make them stand out. This includes bright colors like green and blue, shiny black leather, flaming red designs, and much more. However, their design and name aren't the only thing that give them their price. The quality of the glove also determines how much these items will be worth in CSGO.

Here are the 5 different quality levels of gloves from worst to best:

Battle-Scarred Gloves

These gloves are the worst kind you can get, as their looks aren't what they used to be. This means that the gloves were worn quite a lot. However, this also means that any pair of gloves that falls into this category is going to be the cheapest version of the same model.

Well-Worn Gloves

Going up further on the quality scale, we have Well-Worn CSGO gloves. These types of gloves will be a bit more expensive than the previous but nothing too drastic. They are also going to look a bit cleaner and less damaged. But, this too, will be not a really big change from the previous.

Field-Tested Gloves

Field-Tested gloves are some of the best you can buy. They stand in the middle of the quality scale. These gloves look pretty decent and still aren't extremely expensive. This depends on the specific pair of gloves you're getting but if you're on a budget and still want decent-quality gloves, then Field-Tested is the way to go.

Minimal Wear

Now we're getting to the big boys. Minimal Wear is the second best model of gloves you can get in CSGO. It doesn't matter if you're getting Moto Gloves, Sport Gloves, or Hand Wraps, Minimal Wear gloves can still be quite costly. On the bright side, they look almost brand new and sometimes the difference won't even be noticeable.

Factory New

Here it is, the highest-quality form of gloves you can ever hope to obtain in CSGO. The Factory New versions of each pair of gloves will always be the most expensive. But, these will also always look brand new, because they are. They have no wear whatsoever and will be much more visible than any other type of gloves. Just make sure you have a bigger pocket in this case.


When you search for new gloves in CSGO, you should know everything we've mentioned on this page. It's important to know what affects the price of gloves. In this case, you'll be getting the best deal when you try to sell or buy them on Steam or anywhere else. The added benefits of gloves are loved by CSGO's community, and everyone is fighting to own the best pair. The same can be said for knives and other items.