Most Expensive CSGO Skin – AK47 Blue Gem Worth Over $150k

May 4 • 4 min read

Anyone who can call themselves a Counter-Strike Global Offensive player knows the importance that CSGO skins bring to the game. Aside from making your weapons look cooler, CS:GO skins can actually make you a lot of money, as you can make thousands of dollars from selling various skins.

Recently, the record for the most expensive CS:GO skins has been set, as a certain player sold an AK-47 | Blue Gem for $150.000.

Countless skins are being sold on Steam each day, and some of them are easily sold for hundreds and even a few thousand dollars. But a price like the one mentioned above is something that players don't see every day. So, what makes this AK-47 Case Hardened skin so special? Why is it the most expensive CSGO skins ever sold until this day? And, what is unique about it that makes it worth such extreme amounts of money?

AK-47 | Case Hardened Skin Sells for $150000 on Steam

Earlier this year, a famous trader who goes by the name of ROFL announced that he was helping a friend sell his valuable CSGO skin collection. Soon after, he also announced that he had sold the AK-47 Blue Gem skin for a whopping 150000 US dollars. The skin was sold for $50.000 more than the previous record-holder.

The features that make this item so valuable are the StatTrak technology it incorporates and the 4 Titan Holo 2014 stickers the CSGO skin included. It was in Minimal Wear condition with a precise float of 0.119734120.

This Ak-47 Case Hardened beauty came with the Arms Deal update in 2013 that was released by Valve. It was the update that introduced CS:GO skins to the game and created a whole new industry within the gaming world where lots of real money could be earned by players all around the globe.

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According to another Twitter post, ROFL and his friend announced that they had more skins of high value on their selling list. They also published a spreadsheet containing all the details about these CSGO skins, including important notes, stickers, and the amount of money each was worth.

This list includes some of the top Case Hardened and most expensive CS GO skins out there, including an AWP | Dragon Lore Factory New, an M4A1-S | Hot Rod Factory New, a StatTrak M4A4 | Howl ST Factory New, and many others.

List of Other Expensive CS:GO Skins

This particular AK-47 skin may have been sold for $150.000 but there are plenty of other skins that players are searching tirelessly for. These skins have the potential to become even more expensive than this and set even higher records than ever before. Having said that, here is a list of a few of the most expensive CSGO skin selections that have the potential of becoming extremely expensive in the future of the game.

Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore (Factory New)

In 2018, after an exciting win for Cloud9 at the Boston Major, a Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore was sold for $61.000. At that time, this skin was considered the most expensive CSGO skin ever sold. The skin was bought on OPskins and it was priced so high because it was, and still is, one of the rarest skins in CSGO.

The normal AWP Dragon Lore by itself is extremely rare, but a souvenir one could reach prices that are much higher than the one it was sold for on that day in January 2018. Today, it's almost impossible to find Dragon Lore items even in Field-Tested conditions or below. Having said that, the AWP souvenir Dragon Lore is a very expensive CS:GO skin that is expected to grow in price even more in the coming years.

M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web (Factory New)

This one is a knife skin that is growing rarer and rarer as each day passes. Because of that, the m9 Bayonet | Crimson Web is also becoming much more expensive as well. If you take a look at its design and pattern, every single copy is unique and features a different web pattern. Its value can range anywhere between $350 for the normal Battle-Scarred model and as high as $16.000 for a StatTrak m9 Bayonet | Crimson Web Factory New skin. However, you can expect players to pay much more than this as it becomes more scarce.

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Karambit | Emerald

The Karambit knife skins are some of the most popular in the game. It's a unique weapon that makes any player look much cooler. Ones such as the Gamma Doppler Emerald can reach prices up to $10.000. In fact, this one is only available in Factory New and Minimal Wear conditions, costing no less than $8.500. Because of its amazing design and rarity, it's one of the top 10 items that are highly popular in skin trading around the world. As you may guess, many are even willing to pay much more than $10.000 for items like this one.

How Are Counter-Strike Global Offensive Skins Valued?

There are a few simple factors that determine how expensive skin models can be. The float factor is one of the most important features alongside the skin rarity grade. However, these two factors still don't have to give the final word, as players can charge any amount of money they want for their skin. The reason why you can see a ridiculously expensive skin every now and then is because of the popularity of the skin. This is often because famous traders or players are selling it.

This is why some weapon skins cost only a few dollars and others cost thousands and even hundreds of thousands for an extremely rare skin that has been owned by a famous player. The history of the skin is also important, which is why it's important who owned it before you. As a result, some of the best and most expensive CSGO skin ever sold comes from popular people who are finally deciding to sell their items.